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Rockstar Bingo is saddened to hear the increase in “spiking” victims in the United Kingdom and wants to help the Girls Night In campaign. With over 30 UK universities teaming together to stage a boycott of nightclubs, we see this as an incredibly important campaign to support.  Girls Night In has come about after students have called for boycotts of city bars and clubs […]

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Halloween Music Bingo with a Spooky Music Bingo Playlist – Rockstar Bingo

Are you hosting a Halloween party and looking for a great Halloween game idea? Mixing music trivia and Name That Tune with bingo, we introduce Rockstar Bingo – the paperless music bingo app. Halloween music bingo with a spooky Halloween playlist is a great way to throw a party with some themed songs!  Replacing bingo card numbers with songs, by hosting music […]

Music Bingo in Scotland with Adam Donaldson – The Host of Student Rockstar Bingo at The Kilted Kangaroo, Stirling

This is our third Music Bingo Podcast with Adam Donaldson, our first UK music bingo guest, and hosts Sean Wallbridge and Gemma Hughes! Adam is based in Stirling, Scotland, and he hosts music bingo in Scotland at The Kilted Kangaroo, with a popular student-based music bingo event every Tuesday!  Our Music Bingo Host’s Backstory   Adam is a singer in a band, but he […]

Music Bingo in theatres with George from Smitty’s Cinema – Rockstar Bingo

In episode 4 of The Music Bingo Podcast, we welcomed our fantastic guest George from New Hampshire, who hosts music bingo at Smitty’s Cinema. Smitty’s Cinema hosts music bingo in theatres and attract new customers with unique shows alongside movie showings. George is the manager at Tilton’s Smitty’s Cinema and has been in the theatre industry for […]

Music Bingo in Canada with Richard Cole – Canadian Entertainer and Hypnotist – The Music Bingo Podcast

Rockstar Bingo is the home of hosting music bingo with ease and what better way to show how to host music bingo than by interviewing our best music bingo hosts! Rockstar Bingo sponsors ‘The Music Bingo Podcast’. The podcast takes place bi-weekly and is live on our YouTube and Spotify. This episode highlights music bingo in Canada, with no other than Richard Cole discussing […]

The Music Bingo Podcast – The South Carolina Music Bingo Host?

Introducing the second instalment of The Music Bingo Podcast, in blog format so it’s super easy to read! Rockstar Bingo is growing rapidly and we are excited to have a growing number of great music bingo hosts using our app. Read on to discover the wonderful South Carolina Music Bingo host, Tim Wood, aka DJ T Dubb. About our Music Bingo Host […]

How to host a music bingo fundraiser event

How to Host a Music Bingo Fundraiser Game – Live or Virtual Fundraiser Ideas

Virtual fundraisers are a common use for music bingo as it is so simple to learn and play leaving more time for fun! Rockstar Bingo offers you the opportunity to increase interactivity with a range of fun and easy to use features. We often get HR workers, charity event organizers and a range of sports team hosts coming to us looking for virtual fundraiser […]

New features to your music bingo game with Rockstar Bingo.

New Features to Host the Best Music Bingo Game – Rockstar Bingo

Rockstar Bingo has been growing in popularity across the world throughout 2021, with live events, hospitality venues and DJs hosting their own music bingo games. In countries that have been entering new lockdowns, hosts are using Rockstar Bingo as a simple, fun and interactive trivia game to bring people together and share a love of music.  Rockstar Bingo is already full of […]

The Best Music Bingo Playlist Ideas – Country, TikTok, Frat and FIFA!

A fun, creative and popular music bingo playlist is essential for hosting a successful game of music bingo! The best playlists contain songs that people know, catchy choruses and of course, some great beats to dance to. Creating a music bingo playlist can be a dull, monotonous task for some, and a creative and fun task for others. […]

Virtual Music Bingo – How Did Virgin Radio Host a Successful Music Bingo Event?

You may have heard of virtual music bingo for your local pub, corporate party or bar music bingo event. However, have you ever played at a music bingo radio event?  Virgin Radio Victoria set the bar high for radio stations by hosting virtual music bingo games during the COVID-19 lockdown. Not only did this allow Vancouver […]

Entice New Customers to your Drive-In Theatre with Music Bingo

So, you run a drive-in theatre and successfully host movies or other in-car events? Why not add a new, fun and interactive event to the mix – music bingo. Music bingo swaps numbers for songs on a bingo card and is the perfect game to utilize the existing Drive-In Theatre AV infrastructure.  Why should you run a music bingo event […]

How to host music bingo with Rockstar Bingo - ditch the paper music bingo cards and go virtual.

How to Transition from Paper Music Bingo Cards to a Virtual Music Bingo App – Rockstar Bingo

Rockstar Bingo is the paperless solution to music bingo. Ditch those paper music bingo cards and host in a modern, eco-friendly style with our music bingo web-app. Paperless music bingo has never been so easy to host. However, this blog answers common questions about how to transition from paper bingo cards to a virtual music bingo game […]

4th July Music Bingo Playlist with the best American classics and party hits.

4th July Music Bingo Playlist, Best American Songs – Rockstar Bingo

Are you looking for the perfect party playlist for your music bingo game this 4th July? Check out Rockstar Bingo’s 4th July Spotify Playlist, perfect for hosting music bingo with an American 4th July theme!  Starting your ‘Party in the USA’ with a game of music bingo to celebrate 4th July? Rockstar Bingo has put together a party mix […]

Rockstar Bingo sold to Rockstar Antics

Press Release: The Launch of Rockstar Antics, and the Music Bingo App Taking the World by Storm

Rockstar Bingo, the new music bingo app born out of Victoria BC and the brainchild of Regroove has been sold to Rockstar Antics, a new BC based entertainment company.   A new-age app born in the pandemic, Rockstar Bingo continues to be providing the hospitality industry, entertainers and unique venues the opportunity to expand their revenue with their […]

The best Music Bingo Subscription for me

What is the right Music Bingo Subscription for me?

Rockstar Bingo is a music bingo app that is relentlessly committed to empowering great hosts. By that we mean we give you an epic tool and you intertwine it with your hosting ability to create an awesome music bingo game. The scale to which you host your music bingo game influences the level of music bingo subscription that you will require with Rockstar Bingo.   In this blog […]

How to host music bingo with Rockstar Bingo

How to Host Music Bingo with Rockstar Bingo – Instructions and Set-Up

Looking for an app to host music bingo with? Rockstar Bingo is making the ‘how to host music bingo’ answer SIMPLE!   This blog will run you through how to set up your Rockstar Bingo account and host your first music bingo game successfully!  Where to start with Rockstar Bingo as a music bingo host?  First, head to Rockstar.Bingo and choose […]

TV Show Music Bingo Playlist

The Best TV Show Music Bingo Playlist – Rockstar Bingo App

Are you ready to hear some songs that will take you back to those favorite TV Shows from your childhood, teens, or maybe simply yesterday? Rockstar Bingo has created a global TV Show Music Bingo playlist, ready for you to listen and dab along to.   Some of these TV Show intros and songs are at tricky ‘level 10’! This playlist will be a fun […]

The best movie music bingo playlist by Rockstar Bingo

Ultimate Movie Music Bingo Playlist with the Rockstar Bingo App

Looking to take people back through the movies with nostalgic movie soundtracks? Want to separate those who know their Jurassic Park from their Top Gun? Hosting Movie Music Bingo has never been more fun!   Players will listen and dab their virtual music bingo card to the top movie hits from across the decades. Simply create a […]

Stand out with Radio entertainment by hosting Rockstar Bingo.

Music Bingo Radio Fun – Stand Out at your Radio Station with Rockstar Bingo!

Rockstar Bingo is the perfect way to play music bingo on your radio station. Looking to capture attention, engage listeners and reduce those ‘quiet times’? Enquire today to be a music bingo host with Rockstar Bingo.

How to be a successful music bingo host.

Music Bingo Host Checklist – What Do You Need to Host Music Bingo? – Rockstar Bingo

Looking to host your own Music Bingo game? You are in the right place! Music bingo is increasing in popularity, especially as a new and exciting entertainment night! We at Rockstar Bingo have collated a checklist of all the things you need as a music bingo host.  If you are a DJ or own a […]