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Music Bingo - Rockstar Bingo brings paperless fun!
Music Bingo, the ultimate entertainment experience for your venue. Boost customer engagement and revenue with the Rockstar Bingo! 🎵🍻🎉

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Break the Ice with Music Bingo: The Perfect Conference Icebreaker Using The Rockstar Bingo Platform

Rockstar Bingo: Uniting Attendees at Conferences & Corporate Events with Engaging, Paperless Music Bingo Icebreaker

Rock, Roll and Mark that Square: How Long Will Your Music Bingo Game Really Last?

Get ready to rock and roll with Music Bingo! But how long will your game really last? Discover how song selection, player interruptions, and host banter can affect game length in this informative article.

Music Bingo – Fun and engaging experiences for seniors

Music Bingo is a fun and engaging activity that combines the love of music with the excitement of bingo and appeals to all ages!

Music Bingo: The Thrill of Winning with Sponsored Prizes

Music bingo is a fun and exciting way to enjoy music with friends and family. The game combines the thrill of a bingo game with the fun of music trivia. By finding partners and sponsors to donate prizes, the experience of playing music bingo can become even more rewarding. But most importantly… 👉 Sponsors, partners […]

Fun Crowd Warmer or Audience Warm-Up Games for Shows or Festivals

Looking for a fun game for your audience warm-up act or festival crowd warmer? We give you the lowdown on using music bingo!

Why Add Music Bingo to your Hotel Entertainment Ideas List

Looking to ace your hotel entertainment ideas this season? Spice up your resort entertainment by hosting fun games of music bingo!

How to Play Kahoot Style Quizzes with Music – Alternative to Kahoot Music Quiz

Want an great alternative to Kahoot that means you can incorporate music into your quizzes? Rockstar Bingo could be your quiz solution!

Free Ways to Advertise Your Event or New Music Bingo Night 

Learn how to use free ways to advertise your event or new music bingo night to gain more customers, more traffic and increase popularity!

The Top Three Music Software for Live Music Events

Learn more about the best music software that you can use for live music events, no matter your skill level!

How to Host a One-Off Music Bingo Event with Rockstar Bingo 

Want to host a one-off music bingo event? Rockstar Bingo has multiple options for hosting music bingo and features you won't want to miss!

Rockstar Bingo Features, Music Videos and Music Artist Bingo and More 

Check out the newest features and updates to Rockstar Bingo including how to create bingo cards with songs name only & pair with video!

Five Reasons Digital Music Bingo Beats Paper Music Bingo 

Find out our top reasons for ditching paper music bingo cards and going digital! Eco-friendly, innovation and accuracy all play their part.

How to Host a Zoom Music Bingo Game for Your Virtual Event or Party Night

Looking to host music bingo with Zoom for your next virtual event? This blog will help you learn how to host Zoom music bingo!

How to Entertain Sports Fans with Music Bingo  

Looking to up your entertainment game at your sports events? Learn how to entertain sports fans with music bingo!

How to Use and Save a Spotify Music Bingo Playlist for your Music Bingo Game 

Learn the secret of how to turn Spotify playlists into music bingo with Rockstar Bingo! Spotify music bingo is just a few clicks away!

The Best Bridgerton Music Playlist – Create a Bridgerton Music Bingo Game  

Looking for a Bridgerton music playlist? Many fans will recognise the sound of the pop songs from Bridgerton, find them here!

Twitch Music Bingo in Victoria with Dauber Tunes – The Music Bingo Podcast

Learn from the Twitch music bingo experts, Dauber Tunes, how to best integrate Rockstar Bingo games with the Twitch streaming platform!

The Best Irish Songs for a St Patrick’s Day Music Bingo Playlist 

Looking for songs for your St Patrick's Day music bingo playlist? Find out the most popular Irish songs and how to host a pub bingo game!

Rockstar Bingo’s Jumbotron – The Music Video Bingo Solution 

Want to add music videos or background videos to your music bingo game? Jumbotron allows you to host music video bingo, bingo with videos!

Live and Online Music Bingo in Edmonton, Alberta with Beetz Entertainment   

Learn about how Scott Parsons from Beetz Entertainment hosts music bingo in Edmonton, Alberta in pubs and for sports team fundraisers.

The Best Sports Stadium Music Playlist – Music Bingo for Sports

Looking for a killer sports stadium playlist? Want to relive those sports songs you heard at a game and turn into music bingo? You're here!

70s Music Bingo – The Best 70s Hits Playlist

Need a killer 70s hits playlist for your trivia or music bingo night? We have you covered! Find the best 70s songs in one great playlist!

Music Bingo for Seniors in Care Homes – Elderly Musical Bingo

Music bingo is the fun, interactive & musical variation of bingo, and the perfect game for care homes. Introducing music bingo for seniors!

Fun Pre-Game and Half Time Ideas for Sports Events – Music Bingo

Half time ideas for sport events! Music bingo is the trendy game that you can integrate into your sports event, learn how in our latest blog.

The Best Ways to Play Music Bingo for Weddings – Best Wedding Time Fillers

Share your favourite songs with your guests with music bingo for weddings. The perfect game for a DJ or family member to host at a wedding!

The Best Alternatives to Speedquizzing

Speedquizzing is a popular pub game. Here, we present the interactive alternatives to Speedquizzing, including music bingo pub quizzes!

How to Play Music Bingo

Music bingo is the trendy music trivia game of the moment! With many pubs, bars, theatres and DJ’s now hosting the pub trivia game, it is important to understand how to play music bingo and what is needed to play the popular game. Music bingo can be played with paper bingo cards, or with digital, […]

How to Create Spotify Wrapped Playlist Bingo Cards

Want to learn how to make Spotify Wrapped playlist bingo cards? Follow these simple steps with Rockstar Bingo to host your music bingo game!

How to use Music Bingo for your Office Christmas Party Game

Learn how to use music bingo for your office Christmas party game with Rockstar Bingo. Replace your quiz with a fun music trivia game!

Introducing The Music Bingo People – The Music Bingo Company by Elliott Piper

Introducing The Music Bingo People, lead by Elliott Piper! Read over the podcast notes showing the Nebraska based music bingo company.

The Best Family Christmas Party Games – Alternatives to Jackbox & Family Trivia Games

Looking for the best family Christmas party games to play this Christmas? We list the best including Christmas Music Bingo!

Disney Music Bingo on YouTube with Get Binky and Disscot – Disney Trivia Fun

Want to learn how to host music bingo on YouTube? Interested how our Disney music bingo hosts get over 1K views on their bingo games?

How to Troubleshoot Spotify for Music Bingo Events

Find out how to troubleshoot Spotify for your music bingo event! We go through fixes for Spotify issues that could happen with music bingo!

How to get Booked for Gigs with Live Music Bingo

Struggling to get booked at your pub? Learn how to get booked for gigs with a revolutionary music bingo night, powered by your live music!
Rules for hosting music bingo

What are the rules of Music Bingo games?

Read up on rules of music bingo from song length to Shazam! Bingo comes with a range of options on how to host depending on your preferences!

Hosting Military Music Bingo in Victoria BC with Sandra Pinard

We chat with Sandra Pinard about hosting military music bingo in Victoria, BC on behalf of the Military Family Resource Center (MFRC).

Rockstar Bingo for Girls Night In

Joining the Girls Night In boycott? Rockstar Bingo is offering free music bingo to university girls in the UK staying in.

Halloween Music Bingo with a Spooky Music Bingo Playlist – Rockstar Bingo

Learn how to host Halloween music bingo at your venue with the Rockstar Bingo app and ready-to-go music bingo playlist on Spotify!

Music Bingo in Scotland with Adam Donaldson – Student Bingo at The Kilted Kangaroo, Stirling

Check out how Adam Donaldson, singer and DJ, hosts music bingo in Scotland at The Kilted Kangaroo Stirling with Rockstar Bingo.

Music Bingo in Theatres at Smitty’s Cinema – Smittys Tilton, New Hampshire Bingo

Smitty's Cinema hosts music bingo in theatres and attract new customers with unique shows alongside movie showings. Learn more here!

Music Bingo in Canada with Richard Cole – Canadian Entertainer & Hypnotist

Discover more about Canada Music Bingo with Richard Cole, the Canadian Entertainer and world-renowned hypnotist from the music game show.

The South Carolina Music Bingo Host – The Music Bingo Podcast

Introducing the second instalment of The Music Bingo Podcast, in blog format so it’s super easy to read! Rockstar Bingo is growing rapidly and we are excited to have a growing number of great music bingo hosts using our app. Read on to discover the wonderful South Carolina Music Bingo host, Tim Wood, aka DJ T Dubb. About our Music Bingo Host […]

How to host a music bingo fundraiser event

How to Run a Music Bingo Fundraiser Game – Live or Virtual Fundraiser Ideas

Music bingo fundraiser games are a great charity or fundraising event idea! For virtual or live events, have some fun with Rockstar Bingo.
New features to your music bingo game with Rockstar Bingo.

New Features to Host the Best Music Bingo Game

New features to Rockstar Bingo, including collection of winner details & live music features for your music bingo game!

The Best Music Bingo Playlist Ideas – Country, TikTok, Frat and FIFA!

Fun and creative music bingo playlist ideas ready for you to host your own music bingo game with Rockstar Bingo. Country, FIFA & more!

Virgin Radio Music Bingo Event Using Zoom For Virtual Events

We chat with presenters from Virgin Radio Victoria to find out how they hosted their epic Virgin Radio Music Bingo event!

Entice New Customers to your Drive-In Theatre with Music Bingo

Looking to bring new customers to your Drive-In Theatre with a simple to host music bingo event? Rockstar Bingo is your go-to bingo platform!
How to host music bingo with Rockstar Bingo - ditch the paper music bingo cards and go virtual.

How to Transition from Paper Music Bingo Cards to a Virtual Music Bingo App

Rockstar Bingo is the paperless solution to music bingo. Ditch those paper music bingo cards & host in a modern, eco-friendly style.
4th July Music Bingo Playlist with the best American classics and party hits.

4th July Music Bingo Playlist, Best American Songs

Rockstar Bingo has put together a Spotify playlist of American classics & party hits to start your 4th July music bingo game off with a bang!
Rockstar Bingo sold to Rockstar Antics

Press Release: The Launch of Rockstar Antics

Find out more about Rockstar Antics, the company that owns Rockstar Bingo, Shelterball and The Logo Repo in Victoria, BC.
The best Music Bingo Subscription for me

What is the right Music Bingo Subscription for me?

Outlining the best music bingo subscription for you and showing you how to host your music bingo event with Rockstar Bingo today!
How to host music bingo with Rockstar Bingo

How to Host Music Bingo with Rockstar Bingo – Instructions and Set-Up

Looking for an app to host music bingo with? Rockstar Bingo is making the ‘how to host music bingo’ answer SIMPLE! Start your hosting today!
TV Show Music Bingo Playlist

The Best TV Show Music Bingo Playlist – Rockstar Bingo App

Rockstar Bingo has created a global TV Show Music Bingo playlist, ready for you to listen and dab along to. Host today with Rockstar Bingo!
The best movie music bingo playlist by Rockstar Bingo

Ultimate Movie Music Bingo Playlist with the Rockstar Bingo App

Hosting Movie Music Bingo has never been more fun! Our bingo movie playlist on Spotify is an easy and fun way to create music bingo cards!
Stand out with Radio entertainment by hosting Rockstar Bingo.

How to Host Radio Music Bingo – The Best Game for the Radio

Music bingo radio entertainment made easy with Rockstar Bingo. Capture listener's attention and separate you from your radio competitors.
How to be a successful music bingo host.

What Do You Need to Host Music Bingo?

Looking to host your own Music Bingo game? Rockstar Bingo has collated a checklist exactly what you need to host music bingo events!
Eco friendly and sustainable music bingo with Rockstar Bingo.

The Best Eco Friendly Party Game – Music Bingo Made Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint as a music bingo host by going digital with your music bingo app. Start hosting an eco friendly party game today!
Rupaul inspired drag music bingo playlist by Rockstar Bingo

Host ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Bingo – with Drag Music Bingo Playlist ft Rupaul Songs

Want to host your own drag themed music bingo game? Rockstar Bingo has created the perfect drag music bingo playlist, available on Spotify.
Host music bingo at your pub night, the trendy trivia game made digital.

Bringing Music Bingo to Your Bar or Pub with the Rockstar Bingo Digital Platform

Turn your least popular nights into a booming music bingo themed night! The bar bingo app to host music bingo at your venue, bar or pub.
Music Bingo Playlists

Music Bingo Playlist Themes – Rockstar Bingo’s Top Music Bingo Spotify Playlists!

Rockstar Bingo reveal the top Music Bingo Playlist to get your players dancing on their feet, wherever they are! Band or Disney Music Bingo?
What is music bingo and where did it originate

What is Music Bingo and Where did it Originate?

What is music bingo? Just where did the musical bingo game begin? Rockstar Bingo explores the Music Bingo TV game show that started it all!

How to Host Team Building Office Music Bingo Games

Looking to host a fun game in your workplace? Learn how to host office music bingo. Bring your team together with a fun musical game!
8 of the best bingo facts from around the world.

8 of the Best Bingo Facts from across the Bingo World

Want to learn the best bingo facts for hosting your next music bingo game? Learn about versions of the game bingo!
Host a great work office social with Rockstar Bingo, the music bingo game great for teambuilding.

How to host a Music Bingo Office Christmas Party Event

Bored of the normal work social quizzes and want to introduce a cooler and more interactive game? Rockstar Bingo has you covered. With many bands, workplaces and virtual parties already going on in 2021, why not join the music bingo lovers?