Five Reasons Digital Music Bingo Beats Paper Music Bingo 

To us, hosting music bingo digitally offers so many more benefits than operating with paper music bingo cards. Not only is digital music bingo more eco-friendly, but it means that we can offer an unbeatable service in terms of features. Find out our top reasons for ditching paper music bingo cards and going digital with Rockstar Bingo!  

It is greener 

It’s greener not to use paper, which is better for the environment and our kids’ future. Why waste paper music bingo cards when you can have just as much fun with digital music bingo, on a device that almost all music bingo players would have. 

Accuracy and fairness 

Paperless music bingo enhances real-time validation of who clicks bingo first. When players click the ‘Call bingo’ button in the Rockstar Bingo app, whoever is first, even down to milliseconds, is first. So, there should be no conflict on who clicked it first, thus reducing on-site drama, friction, or things that escalate. 

Reduces liability such as when people are rushing to the stage to prove they had bingo first. People rushing to stage can trip over things or slip-on others, and liability becomes a concern. 

In fact, we had feedback from a music bingo game player who loves Rockstar Bingo. The guy is wheelchair bound, and he has been attending music bingo for a year but could never win because he could never get up to the stage and prove he had bingo first. With Rockstar bingo, he’s able to click, call bingo and win. So, now he can take his time and get up on stage safely. 

Rockstar Bingo can innovate faster 

If you are providing a paper or an offline solution, there are so many reasons you can get out of alignment. For instance, if we rolled a new feature and you printed your cards two weeks ago, we can’t roll out something new again. So how do we keep making our product better if we have to keep it aligned with whatever you might have printed?  

Even if you don’t mind the green and liability issues, using paper will slow down the progress of the product, and we want to keep adding new features to improve your experience. 

Paper and printing are equal to manual processes and are prone to errors, and that is why we don’t do it.

Paper costs more 

With paper, you have to print stuff, and this requires a printer and ink. Obviously, these will need to be stored. You’re also going to have waste, where you are going to print 30 cards for a night, and you only need 20 of them. So, you will be throwing 10 pieces of paper away, this wastes your resources over time. 

The cost of shipping and reprint means you must pay for shipping to different venues and for reprints of new QR codes or logos (if you change it to something new). Printing more papers will keep your overall cost mounting up.  

Paperless is flexible 

Paperless bingo allows you to mix online with in-person events. We actually have some hosts running music bingo at three different locations centrally at the same time. With paper, you’re fixed to one location, and you must distribute the paper and stay on top of that to be effective. Paperless options give maximum flexibility to the host and the venues. 

Are you ready to host Rockstar Bingo? 

We hope this blog has opened your mind about digital music bingo services such as Rockstar Bingo. Paper music bingo cards can be fun, but our hosts have had nothing but success operating with digital music bingo!  

If you are interested in learning more about hosting music bingo or adding our platform to your event or venue, be sure to contact us!

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