• What is music bingo?

    Music bingo is an exciting twist on the traditional bingo game. Guests have cards with song and artist titles on the squares instead of the usual bingo numbers. The host will play a short snippet of the song, and guests mark the songs they recognize. Get a line, call a bingo!
  • Can you play music bingo online?

    Yes! Rockstar Bingo provides an online platform to play music bingo. Host a casual gathering with friends, or use it professionally for larger parties and events.
  • How do you generate music bingo cards?

    Rockstar Bingo will generate bingo cards automatically for every player who joins the game. No need for printing off paper cards or sending out PDFs.
  • Do I need to have Spotify to use Rockstar Bingo?

    No. We provide many rockin' playlists that you can use without a connection to Spotify and manage playback via another method. If you're a Rockstar Bingo subscriber, we also provide a spreadsheet import if you use another system to create playlists.
  • What do I need to host Rockstar Bingo?

    To host your own game, simply create a Rockstar Bingo account. You can choose to create a free account, or subscribe to host larger games and take advantage of our full suite of features. Be sure to read our Host Checklist to have everything ready before you get started! If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can connect it to Rockstar Bingo and use it to manage the playback of each song. Please be sure to do so in accordance with our terms of service.
  • Can I host Rockstar Bingo over Zoom?

    Yes! Create a new Rockstar Bingo game, start a Zoom meeting and invite your friends. Tell your friends the game code so they can join the game. You can then choose to share 'Audio Only', so your guests don't see the playlist.
  • Do I need an account to join a game?

    No. If you're joining a Rockstar Bingo game that someone else is hosting, they will provide you with a game code. You can simply hit 'Join Game', enter the code and your name.
  • How many songs do you need for music bingo?

    We recommend a minimum of 75 songs per playlist. Each Rockstar Bingo game will draw 75 songs, and distribute them randomly to all guests who join the game.
  • Where can I get the Rockstar Bingo logo to add to my event?

    Hey, thanks for thinking of us. We always want to empower YOU the host, but if you want to promote Rockstar Bingo as part of your event, don't let us stop you! For more information, please go here.
  • Does Rockstar Bingo host games?

    Great question! Nope, we here at Rockstar Bingo are committed to EMPOWERING GREAT HOSTS to put on their own games and encourage game play. So, if you have questions about a game, prizes, locations, events, dates, etc., be sure to hit up your host and ask them those questions - they are driving that bus!

    We (at Rockstar Antics) built the platform and and we are solely focused on ensuring games are easy to join and play! If you want to learn more about being a host, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel and visit our Rockstar Bingo Hosts Facebook group where you can collaborate with and learn from other hosts!

    As for hosting/playback of music, that is solely the responsibility of the host and their chosen (and licensed, of course) platform.

  • How long does a Rockstar Bingo game take to play?

    Playing a game of Rockstar Bingo has many options including:
    1. How long the host plays each song (we typically recommend 20-30 seconds per song)
    2. How many people are playing the game. The less people playing, the longer it can take to get a bingo.
    3. The type of game you play. They are called 'Targets' so you could choose to play for 1 row, 2 rows, 3 rows, four corners, an 'X' or full house.
    It's totally reasonable that a game or more could be played within an hour. There are lots of folks out there sharing the math behind Bingo as it is fairly fascinating. Here is one such example.
  • Where can I find marketing and other helpful assets for hosting games?

    If you are looking for hosting and marketing extras such as QR code's, handouts, photos, videos and checklists, you can get them from our Rockstar Bingo Hosting Assets site.

    We are also assembling a number of helpful videos to assist with new and existing hosts.

  • Does Rockstar Bingo provide an option for printing paper bingo cards?

    Great question! And the answer is no, sorry. We're very proud and committed to being the ultimate 'Paperless Music Bingo Platform'. Not only is our platform easier to use, faster to start a game while also allowing to continue to roll out new features all the time and constantly improve game play... but our platform is also much more green and we are enormously proud and committed to that. Besides, handing out paper cards and daubers is time consuming, expensive and a vehicle for germs. Ew.