Music bingo on a smartphone

Host music bingo games with ease

Our platform offers hours of entertainment for casual games with friends or large professional events. Hosts can easily choose a playlist, send players a code, and start the game. Players listen and dab along.

How it works

Choose a playlist

Select from playlists we provide, any playlist on Spotify or import from a spreadsheet to create bingo cards.

Spin/play your own music or connect to Spotify for music playback.

Playlists require a minimum of 75 songs.

Send players a code

Provide the game code to join or direct players to your custom join screen.

Bingo cards are automatically created for each player as they join.

Players can play on any device with a web browser for friction free gameplay.

Play the game

Play the game with or without Spotify connected playback, using your own music or live musicians.

Listen, tap, and call Bingo when you reach the target (one row, two rows, four corners, etc.).

Validation is automatic but can also be manually determined by the host.


  • Generate music bingo cards

  • Play games on any device

  • Use your own playlists

  • Integrate with 3rd party music services

  • Customize targets

  • Customize playlists

  • Customize setlists

  • Pro

    Collect winner contact details

  • Pro

    Reporting and Stats

  • Pro

    Brand customizations

  • Pro

    Jumbotron view

  • Pro

    Sidekick view



Perfect for hosting professional events with our full feature set.
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