How to be a successful music bingo host.

What Do You Need to Host Music Bingo?

Looking to host your own Music Bingo game? You are in the right place! Music bingo is increasing in popularity, especially as a new and exciting entertainment night! We at Rockstar Bingo have collated a checklist of all the things you need as a music bingo host, so you don’t find yourself asking ‘What do you need to host music bingo’.

If you are a DJ or own a venue, chances are you will already own most of the equipment required to host music bingo. Check out our list of ‘must-haves’ to create your own music bingo game with Rockstar Bingo, your bar bingo app. 

Good Internet 

This is a necessity in the entertainment industry when engaging with your audience through hosting platforms for your bingo night. Good internet means that your players can access their virtual music bingo cards through Rockstar Bingo without disruption. This also means that you as a host can easily access your bingo hosting platform through Rockstar Bingo. Internet provided as either public Wi-Fi or good cellular data coverage will do the trick nicely. 


Great music requires awesome speakers! Be sure to check with the venue or DJ to see what is already available and how you can best connect your speakers for music bingo. 

Remember to ensure that the sound covers the entire venue and is not spotty in certain areas. As the music bingo host, it is your responsibility to ensure the sound and speakers are ready for your game!  

If you are hosting a virtual music bingo game, be sure to ensure you share your computer sound with your players! We have a great video showing how to host virtual music bingo with Microsoft Teams here on our YouTube channel.

Music bingo library and playlists

Music Library with Music Bingo Playlists Ready 

Music bingo requires a playlist of over 75 songs. Rockstar Bingo seamlessly links to music libraries (such as Spotify), meaning that you can easily play your music bingo playlist through the app.  

You will need a playlist prepared to host your music bingo game, ready to play through your Rockstar Bingo account. There are thousands of playlists available and we here at Rockstar Bingo have been cultivating some of our own too! Check out our Rockstar Bingo Music Bingo Playlists here

Exclusively to the Rockstar Bingo Pro Membership, you can also order your set-list – ensuring that you enter your game of music bingo with a great tune! Be sure to use a great music bingo playlist such as one listed in our blog here.


Although not a necessity, prizes can be a huge draw for potential players or customers at your venue. Try to match your prize well with what your customer desires.  

Ideas for event prizes at Rockstar Bingo

For example, if you are a bar hosting music bingo, give away a table with a free drink for each winning team member the following week. This would be an exciting prize and would bring patrons back. As this prize is of value to the customer, they may share your event details through social media and word of mouth.

If you are a small shop or influencer hosting a virtual or live music bingo event, try giving away something that you sell or a popular product. This will really engage your customers with an authentic prize. 

You can also cultivate great relationships with sponsors and partners by promoting their product as prizes. This also means that they will likely also then start telling others about your venue and Music Bingo offerings. 

Audience Chat Integration 

People love to chat during a game of music bingo. Whether this is a live event or virtual event – having some form of chat is an exciting feature. Players can compare who is winning, show love for certain songs and spark competitiveness. 

This feature is more beneficial for a virtual music bingo event, where the hosts can monitor what is going on, interact with fans and announce important game updates. 

Marketing Materials and Signage for Music Bingo Hosts

Marketing for music bingo events

One of the most important aspects of hosting your music bingo game is the marketing behind it. Ensuring that people hear about your event is important in gaining numbers. We realize the importance of this and have a bucket full of Rockstar Bingo Marketing Assets that you can use when hosting your music bingo game.  

It is beneficial to post these Rockstar Bingo marketing assets on your social media, website, and around the venue to make sure they are highly visible and drawing attention. 

As well as marketing assets, we have a range of instructional assets that are ready to use, including game instructions and website QR codes. 

Looking to host music bingo with Rockstar Bingo? Already a music bingo host?

Are you looking to host your own music bingo game? Rockstar Bingo has you covered! With an easy-to-use hosting platform, virtual bingo cards and SO many ways to link your playlists such as YouTube, CSV files and Spotify – you can live your music bingo hosting fantasy!  

Operating around the world, from the UK to US, Canada to South Africa, we are spreading the music bingo love! Be sure to listen to our music bingo podcast here to hear from some of our great hosts!

The ultimate music bingo host checklist - what do I need to host music bingo

If you are interested in learning more about hosting music bingo or adding our platform to your event or venue, be sure to contact us!

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