Rockstar Bingo sold to Rockstar Antics

Press Release: The Launch of Rockstar Antics

Rockstar Bingo, the new music bingo app born out of Victoria BC and the brainchild of Regroove has been sold to Rockstar Antics, a new BC based entertainment company.  

A new-age app born in the pandemic, Rockstar Bingo continues to be providing the hospitality industry, entertainers and unique venues the opportunity to expand their revenue with their fun and engaging new app. The app was created by Regroove, the Victoria based cloud technology company. Regroove helps businesses migrate and integrate the cloud into their work set-up. Regroove not only specializes in Microsoft 365 and cloud technologies, but also dedicates it’s time to unique projects, creating software and apps that have the potential to offer something truly unique.  

Rockstar Bingo was officially born in 2020 and boomed during the pandemic, offering people the chance to connect virtually via a game of music bingo. Regroove developed the project under chief troublemaker Sean Wallbridge with developer Matt Longpre. Whilst the app is constantly being improved with the addition of new features and advertisement opportunities for music bingo, it shows the flexibility and skillset of Regroove. 

In early 2021, Regroove sold Rockstar Bingo to the new and upcoming entertainment company Rockstar Antics. This allowed it to standalone and launch it further into the entertainment world in terms of radio, new age DJs and hospitality venues for an engaging and fun music bingo experience, empowering music bingo hosts. 

Not wanting to confuse the gaming and entertainment world with cloud technology, owner Sean Wallbridge believed this was the right move for Rockstar Bingo. ‘’Rockstar Bingo needs dedicated energy and it was confusing as a gaming product within Regroove, which is a cloud consulting company’’. 

‘’Rockstar Bingo needs dedicated energy and it was confusing as a gaming product within Regroove, which is a cloud consulting company’’. 

Rockstar Antics is at the start of a very exciting future. With Shelterball, a new and exciting sport platform expected this fall and The Logo Repo launching later this summer, Rockstar Antics has a number of exciting things on the go. 

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