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  • Generate music bingo cards

    Rockstar Bingo generates unique game codes that players use to enter the game lobby. As the host, you admit the players, who will then automatically receive an electronic bingo card on their device.

  • Play games on any device

    Players can access Rockstar Bingo cards from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Typically hosts will use a laptop or tablet while players usually connect with the game controller already in their pocket or purse - their smart phones.

  • Use your own playlists

    Import playlists from Spotify, or upload a spreadsheet. Note that playlists must have at least 75 songs to be compatible with our system - we call this "bingo math".

  • Integrate with 3rd party music services

    Connect to Spotify and import your favourite playlists. During gameplay, Rockstar Bingo can control your Spotify device so that playback is in sync with the game.

  • Customize targets

    Offer your players a variety of exciting patterns to aim for, including one line, two lines, X, four corners, full card, and more. Keep your players engaged and entertained throughout the entire event.

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  • Customize playlists

    Personalize your bingo game experience by customizing song and artist titles, along with Spotify start positions and other key details.

  • Customize setlists

    Our bingo games allow you to play songs in a specific order, making it an excellent option for bands and performers to use as a setlist.

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    Collect winner contact details

    Hosts can choose to collect contact information from winning players within the app (after a successful bingo is called). This is useful for scenarios where players aren't local/on-site such as games hosts via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Twitch, etc., for large venues such as sporting events and even radio broadcasts.

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    Reporting and Stats

    Easily monitor your game history and player attendance by venue, and showcase the success of your events to those who hired you.

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    Brand customizations

    Add your logo, custom messaging, and call to action link to your music bingo card player experience. Custom join experiences are also available.

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    Jumbotron view

    Elevate the production value of your event by showcasing videos on secondary screens (online or onsite via screen casting to TV's) using YouTube and Vimeo videos as the source content. Hosts can provide a pre-game video (useful for promotions, instructions, etc. before a game starts), a default video (typically a fun/engaging video for visual excitement throughout the game). Videos can also be provided as visual enhancements per song, if desired).

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    Sidekick view

    Hosts can share a 'sidekick view' with one or more co-hosts. Co-Hosts can assist with managing the lobby and features such as lyrics (from Genius), BPM (tempo) and key signatures which empower bands, duos and musicians to deliver Music Bingo with live music!

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