Music Bingo for Seniors in Care Homes – Elderly Musical Bingo

What is music bingo? 
Music bingo is the fun, interactive and musical variation of number bingo, where numbers are replaced with song and artist names. There is no surprise that music bingo for seniors has become so popular!

Musical bingo is popular across the globe in many entertainment and people focused venues from pubs to teambuilding events, sports games to schools and care homes. 

Music bingo is often now played digitally with digital music bingo cards available on smartphones rather than the older style, paper music bingo cards. 

Do care homes host music bingo with elderly music? 

In terms of games for care homes, music bingo is a popular choice. Rockstar Bingo offers an easy to host system so that any carer or member of day centre staff can host the musical bingo game for seniors or elderly people. All you need is access to a laptop and some speakers. 

Music bingo acts as music therapy for seniors. Many carers create upbeat music bingo playlists for seniors to enjoy and sing along to.  

Music bingo for seniors is the perfect game for care homes.

A number of care homes host music bingo and have had much success. Bingo has become a very popular game for elderly in nursing homes.  

A fun way to host music bingo in a care home would be to ask the seniors for their favourite songs and to gather a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs. Basically, this creates an elderly music playlist for your game. This is easy to do on Spotify, but just remember that you need 75 songs to play music bingo with. Why not fill in some of the spare songs with popular songs from the 60s and 70s, or take a look at our music bingo playlist for care homes and senior musical bingo games

Why is Rockstar Bingo a better solution for care homes than paper bingo? 

Rockstar Bingo offers a digital and paperless music bingo game which saves your time and money. Instead of printing paper music bingo cards, storing them and getting them crumpled, music bingo cards can be accessed on any digital device, including smartphones, iPads and other tablet devices. 

This means that each player needs access to a device, or a device per music bingo ‘team’. Most tend to have a store of old tablets ready for the many games to play care homes. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard to access the music bingo game. Simply head to and enter your game code that your music bingo host creates. 

What are the best music bingo playlists to use? 

In terms of music bingo themes, there are a variety of existing playlists that can be found on Spotify that would work well for your care home music bingo game. Searching for playlists on Spotify within a certain era, such as 70s music bingo or 90s music bingo is a great way to start an easy music bingo game.  

Or it is easy to create your own music bingo playlist for Rockstar Bingo. Finding out your players’ favourite songs or favourite song memories can be a fun way of creating a more personalised music bingo playlists that everyone can engage with. 

Watch our music bingo playlist creation tutorial below to learn how!  

How to Create a Music Bingo Playlist on Spotify for Rockstar Bingo 

What are the benefits of music bingo for seniors? 

Music bingo is a great game for recall, starting conversations and reliving memories with others in a care home setting. 

Easy for a carer to host, or a senior’s family member, including songs that are personal to each individual within the day centre or popular songs is the best way to host the music bingo game. Including songs from when the seniors were younger can really help to prompt memories. This also helps to start discussion about their favourite songs and what they are associated with from the music bingo playlist. 

Remembering the song names and working out the artist with other music bingo players allows listening and reaction skills to be focused on in a simple game for care homes. 

Music bingo is a fun activity for seniors to play. But, it also allows people to sing out loud in an appropriate setting! Dancing (of course, carefully!) bring everyone together in music that they all enjoyed at different times of their lives. 

The most important benefits of music bingo for elderly people are:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Focus on reaction skills
  • Light exercise or light increase of heartbeat due to dancing
  • Memory prompting with songs from their younger years
  • Building relationships with fellow seniors

Want to host music bingo at your care home? 

If you’d like to host a big singalong for seniors and want a fun game for old people’s homes, Rockstar Bingo could be your answer!  

Easy to host, fun to play – just listen and dab!  

If you are looking to host for 30 players or under, pay just $41.99 per year or $6.99 per month with our premium music bingo subscription. 

What is Music Bingo? How to Host Rockstar Bingo! 

What is Music Bingo?

What’s Next?

If you are interested in learning more about hosting music bingo or adding our platform to your event or venue, be sure to contact us!

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