Host music bingo at your pub night, the trendy trivia game made digital.

Bringing Music Bingo to Your Bar or Pub with the Rockstar Bingo Digital Platform

Do you own a bar or pub that could benefit from a unique and entertaining new hosting platform? If so, we have you covered! Music Bingo at your bar or pub with Rockstar Bingo are the future of engaging and revenue boosting entertainment. We can help you combine the love of music and an exciting variation of bar bingo to: 

  • Increase the duration people stay in your establishment
  • Bring in new customers and in turn, increased sales
  • More drinking and less thinking than other weekly events
  • Turn your least popular nights into a booming night with the crowd singing along!  

If you are interested in learning more about hosting music bingo or adding our platform to your event or venue, be sure to contact us!

Music Bingo - Rockstar Bingo brings paperless fun!

Rockstar Bingo is helping businesses across the globe expand their entertainment offerings through a tech and user-friendly music bingo experience. Rockstar Bingo nights are an expansion of what bars and pubs can easily host due to the our proprietary webapp. If you are currently running a pub quiz night or any other activities, music bingo fits right in.

Music Bingo playlists for your venue. Disney Music Bingo. Yacht Rock Music Bingo. Club Classics Music Bingo. Band Music Bingo.
Rockstar Bingo Music Bingo Playlist

The webapp (no download required) is unique in the fact that it empowers hosts and venues to have a night all on their own. We allow for many approaches. Whether it be that you take on the role of hosting internally within your business (utilizing Spotify Premium), you approach your current DJ or entertainment provider, or you look to find that dream host or even a LIVE BAND to deliver your Rockstar Bingo service.  

The platform itself offers a technologically savvy game of bingo, fully controlled by a host via a digital device (PC, iOS, Mac, Android). Furthermore, the webapp is also fitted with easy audience bingo card tracking and automated ‘bingo verification’. Hosts can connect the app to their Spotify Premium account and link 75 song playlists seamlessly, with unlimited game capacity (you can add seats to your license before the game if needed).  

How do you play Rockstar Bingo?

With songs replacing the numbers on a classic bingo card, players can access their virtual bingo card through entering the host’s game code. On their virtual bingo card, players can begin ticking the songs off their card on their smartphone or similar device. When a player hits the hosts target shape, whether that be a line, full house, X or four corners, they can press the ‘call bingo’ button. This notifies the host as well as all the other players of the game. As soon as ‘bingo’ is called, it is verified by the host with a mouse click, and the name of the winner is announced.

Music bingo app for hosting event. Smartphone app for music bingo.
Rockstar Bingo – Music Bingo Hosting Platform – great fun and simple to use.

The possibilities of incorporating this game within your business are endless. Offering a unique prize for the winner, combining the music bingo genre alongside a themed food night or running drinks promotions alongside the music bingo game. Music bingo really does offer a great night of fun for your customers. 

Exclusively to Rockstar Bingo, you can host your game with music videos from YouTube or Vimeo and create a visual background for your bingo game. This could be displayed on screens in your pub or bar utilizing any device that can access the web and connect to your screens.

The feature is called the Jumbotron, and is available with our Pro plan subscription!

Music Bingo – How does it Help a Bar or Pub?

  • Attract players of all ages. Bingo is a game popular throughout all ages, but recent insights have shown young female millennials to be the prime audience. 
  • Players can join at any stage of the game, if you arrive late you can still play! 
  • Environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the use of paper and ink daubers, which also makes the game move smoother.
  • Music studies have shown that uplifting music can increase pub sales by up to 50%. 
  • Save lots of money being able to have a weekly program, any upbeat employee could host the event bringing even more savings.
Rockstar Bingo brings Music Bingo to your events.
Rockstar Bingo – the ultimate music bingo experience.

Rockstar Bingo is simple to use and we have an easy to follow demo here to watch! With expert music bingo playlists curated on our Spotify profile, getting your games started will be simple. 

Looking to host your own pub music bingo night? Fill out the form below and we can set up a great deal to start your music bingo host journey! We will be in touch shortly.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting music bingo or adding our platform to your event or venue, be sure to contact us!

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