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Rockstar Bingo – The Saviour of the Social Life

BC based cloud solutions company Regroove have created a revolutionary music bingo software, offering an exciting platform for bands, radios, families, workplaces and sports teams to play virtual music bingo. The app allows seamless Spotify integration and enticing features to get your social network out of the regular Zoom quiz.

With recent statistics showing approximately 12 per cent of the Canadian population working from home in November 2020, it can be said that there is a lack of normal social interaction. Rockstar Bingo presents itself as a fun and interactive platform for numerous social communities that people have not seen before.

The app aids itself to numerous formats, providing a fully functioning music bingo game for any online social gathering, sports event, live band show and when the world eventually reopens, bars and events of a larger scale.

The owner of Regroove Solutions, Sean Wallbridge, saw an opportunity to transform live performances and to connect people through fun competition. Sean, alongside his friend and coworker Matt Longpre used their skills to develop a virtual bingo game app to bring people together in a unique experience for a band night, ‘Rockstar Nights’ in Victoria, BC.

It became clear that there was also a market for a game that could also exist as a standalone ‘band-less’ experience. The appearance of Covid-19 during the project also made it clear that the app created a fun virtual space for friends to connect and have fun in a safe, socially distanced way.

Rockstar Bingo is a music based platform with full Spotify integration. The app allows hosts to create music bingo games through Spotify playlists with over 75 songs. With songs replacing numbers, music bingo is a great game for all ages.

Whereas live bands can connect to Spotify and get their setlist from a playlist, allowing them to connect to the app where people will play bingo along to their live performance. A short sample of a song is played aloud, and players mark their cards by tapping the card square that contains the song title if it is on their card.

Rockstar Bingo enables organizations to spin up a customized bingo game without the time-consuming task of generating, printing, and distributing bingo cards by hand. The virtual app is also a smart choice while social distancing as it allows people to play bingo without sharing paper bingo cards or ink dabbers. The host can verify a successful bingo call without having to physically get close to a player or touch their card, or even better – virtually.

Sean Wallbridge, President of Regroove Solutions Inc said ‘We wanted a unique option to bring to bars for them to want to have us play there’. There have been numerous enquiries worldwide on how people can use this app and help set their business aside from the rest, in terms of a social perspective and re-growth perspective post COVID-19.

With the most recent name to use Rockstar Bingo being Virgin Radio, the opportunities are endless. Hosting a fun game on the Radio has never been so exciting, and hassle free!

Rockstar Bingo is a subscription-based service, offering affordable prices for all who wish to use the platform – from families and campfires – to parties, weddings and bars, right up to large events and radio. For venues looking for something social and unique, Rockstar Bingo can offer you a great solution to draw repeat visits of regular and future customers, with a Pro subscription most suited to this use.

With new pricing announced in the last week, a Premium Rockstar Bingo account is the ideal fun and affordable option at just $29.99 for a year’s membership. This deal means that you get 50% off the regular monthly plan and offers Spotify Premium Integration, the use of your own Spotify Playlists and the ability to customize playlists, including song titles and starting positions.

Got a question about Rockstar Bingo? Send it across to – we would love to hear from you or offer a bespoke package.

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